Securing your PDA, Smartphone and notebook/Tablet PC is critical. Take this latest study from Pointsec as exhibit A. They studied nine countries over the past six months and found tens of thousands of mobile devices were left behind. They go on to highlight one particular cab company in Chicago, who saw the worst numbers, 85,619 phones, 21,460 PDAs and 4,425 notebooks left behind in the six month period. And this is just one cab company in one city!
"It is alarming to see that the problem of losing mobile devices has accelerated," said Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec Mobile Technologies. "Mobile users are in an even worse position now because they are far more reliant on their mobile devices to store large amounts of sensitive information, with very few concerned about backing it up or protecting it. Legislation is slowly becoming more specific in this arena, and there is a good chance we will soon see legal action taken against people and organizations who do not protect information stored on mobile devices, much of which is about private individuals."
While PDAs, notebooks and mobile phones were popular lost items, there were a few more interesting items in the lost and found bin. Drivers turned in pets, Viagra, a prosthetic leg, undergarments, condoms, knives and of course, luggage. :lemat: (wơ đã quá)