:kinhdi: :lacdau: kinh dị quá, thằng DDR2 này càng ngày bus càng cao, chắc mai mốt nó lên tớ 1066 để ngang bus CPU luôn gòi :lay: lúc đó chẳng biết thằng Intel nó sẽ chạy ra sao nữa đây :gaicam:

PQI Memory, a well-known maker of memory modules, recently announced memory sticks able to overclock towards 900MHz. The firm said it had tested the products at this frequency using an MSI mainboard.

PQI’s TurboMemory memory modules officially capable of overclocking to 900MHz are to be available in 256MB and 512MB versions as well as 512MB and 2GB dual-channel optimized kits. The company guarantees successful overclocking with CL5 5-5-15 timings and 2.0V voltage, a significant increase over 1.8V default setting. The PQI27200-series products will use 800MHz memory modules from Elpida, which will be mass produced this month.

“Thanks to Microstar International (MSI), whom PQI worked cooperatively on testing the DDR2-900 module on their latest P4N Diamond motherboard. The results showed a 12.5% gain in speed over DDR2-800 modules reaching over 900MHz,” PQI said in a statement.

OCZ Technology and Corsair Memory recently unveiled their DDR SDRAM modules rated to function at 800MHz with CL5 settings and 1.8V and 1.85V voltage settings respectively, which is default voltage for DDR2. Generally, memory modules overclock better with increased voltage.

By launching DDR2 900MHz memory modules PQI Memory formally becomes the producer of the world’s fastest DDR2 products. Still, it should be taken into account that such products are intended strictly for overclocking, as even Intel’s 955X and NVIDIA’s nForce4 SLI Intel Edition core-logic sets officially support only dual-channel 667MHz DDR2 memory. Nevertheless, some enthusiasts have hit 1000MHz milestone for DDR2 recently using Corsair’s memory modules.

It remains to be seen how CL5 timings affect performance in real-world applications; DDR2 memory at 533MHz used to demonstrate performance similar to that provided by DDR SDRAM at 400MHz due to far more aggressive latency settings of the latter in spite of tangibly increased clock-speed of the former. DDR2 SDRAM modules at about 667MHz with shrunk latencies may end up as serious competitors to higher speed devices with increased timings.

Pricing and availability information about PQI’s TurboMemory PC2-7200 is unclear.

source : http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/memory/display/20050502070630.html