Nvidia silently announces Geforce 6800XT

OEM toy to fight X800GT

By Fuad Abazovic in the Bosnian wilds: Wednesday 17 August 2005, 11:36
NVIDIA WON'T give up without a fight. ATI is putting more pressure on the market with its new parts, but every time it seems that Nvidia has a good answer to keep the red boys quiet. The only market where Nvidia is definitely dominating is the mainstream where Nvidia has a sold rock, great selling Geforce 6600GT and 6600 standard.

ATI just announced its counter part, the Radeon X800GT card with very good price performance ratio and wants to compete on the 6600GT range. As Nvidia knows, rhw Geforce 6600GT is too juicy a cake to give it up without a fight, and therefore it just announced a new card branded as Geforce 6800XT.

Nvidia 6800XT is nothing more than an eight pipeline 6800 card but in Nvidia's case it will be available for OEMs only. Nvidia will keep its price around $5 below ATI X800GT price and OEMs have to react to such a deal as it means $5 more greenies in their pockets. ATI doesn't have any other choice then to drop the OEM price of X800GT, which is already a very low priced part.

ATI will still have a chance in retail as the X800GT is already available, and will directly fight the 6600GT. Nvidia might have some problems to keep the 6600 GT sales alive at least in the channel, but we suspect that as soon as it happens Nvidia will either lower the price of 6600GT or will just announce a retail version of 6800XT.

Nvidia will still have an argument that its cards are Shader Model 3.0 and even ATI will start preaching how good Shader Model 3.0 is, as soon as it rolls its R5XX generation out


keke thằng nVIDIA làm thèng này để oánh X800GT của ATI :beo: