The bro's at Team Smartxx disassembled an XeDKs (Xbox 360 Development Kit) that, according to anonymous sources, was made on August 18. Let´s have a look inside the X-box 360 shall we ?

This sample features fans (retail boxes are expected to feature liquid cooling instead), Toshiba-Samsung DVD-ROM TS-H943. The first photo pictures the general view at the motherboard without heatsinks. You can see an IBM PowerPC CPU, ATI Xenos EDRAM-based GPU and two Samsung memory chips; on the second photo is SiS south bridge.

Below is a rear view:

This is a power socket:

This sample utilized an external PSU. But, perhaps, commercial products will have it inside nevertheless.

It´s interesting that inside there´s also a daughterboard hosting a wireless adapter.
_ Ruột gan của cái xBox 360 xem ra cũng ngồ ngộ hen :coimo:

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