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    Aug 2015
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    R520XT works at 600/1400MHz

    _ Khá nhanh đấy, ko biết cái hsf của nó hầm hố tới cỡ nào nữa :gaicam:

    According to the either loved or hated gossip site Inquirer it looks like ATI will launch a card with limited availability one more time. ATI did it last time with the X800XT Platinum (Phantom or Press) edition and it looks like it is going to play on that card again.

    ATI worked its way to make some better yields for R520 series of cards but it cannot perform miracles. We also learned that ATI's sixteen pipelines R520, aka as Fudo, is going to compete well with twenty four pipelines 7800 GTX.

    Nvidia shipped 7800 GTX at launch date and is still shipping them. The cards are still available. ATI will have some R520 XTs, the top flagship model out, but you won't have massive availability. It will take ATI some weeks before it will be able to provide as many cards as needed.

    It will launch it in the first week of October and those cards should be available just after. Some of them will be available in quantities like the 500MHz card while the 600MHZ card will be there but not in numbers.

    ATI won't get away with this availability problem that easily as Nvidia has set the bars quite high this time. Nvidia announced, delivered and didn’t had any shortages this time and people will be expecting the same from ATI.

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    Aug 2015
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    Cuối cùng chỉ là 16 pipeline , ko bếi MEm có 512 bit như tin đồn ko ?

    Để xem khi release R520 sẽ đấu với G70 ra sao

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    Nov 2015
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    _ Mem 512 bit mới ra mà anh, chưa có trg con vid này đâu. Dòng sau chắc là sẽ có mem 512 bit + 24 pipeline

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