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Chủ đề: ACER N300 ..Pocket VGA

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    Sep 2015
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    Aug 2015
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    Beating handheld mainstays such as Hewlett-Packard and Dell to the punch, Acer has unveiled its new n300 series of Windows Mobile 5.0 powered Pocket PCs. Comprised initially of the n310 and n311 models, the handhelds feature moderately powerful processors combined with VGA resolution displays and a mix of wireless features - all contained in very modestly sized packages.

    Measuring in at 110 x 70 x 14 mm and 135 g, the Acer n300 series is based around Samsung's S3C2440 processor which runs at 400 MHz. Both the n310 and n311 feature 64 MB of RAM, but where the n310 is equipped with a similar amount of non-volatile ROM memory, the n311 offers 128 MB. Another difference between the two models is that whilst both feature Bluetooth 1.2, only the n311 includes Wi-Fi 802.11b connectivity.

    Otherwise, the devices remain largely similar, with 3.7-inch TFT displays with 65K colour depth and a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels displaying the user interface of Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PCs. Also present are SDIO capable SD/MMC card expansion slots, as well as USB 1.0 with Host support for transferring data from compatible devices such as portable hard drives or digital cameras.

    Equipped with the Premium edition of Windows Mobile 5.0, the n300 series features the full line-up of software available from Microsoft for the platform, including the newly overhauled Office Mobile suite comprised of Excel, PowerPoint and Word Mobile. Also present is Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, whilst Acer has also chosen to bundle Pocket TV Enterprise Edition, an application for playing back MPEG1 encoded video content.

    Information concerning the expected availability and pricing of the Acer n310 and n311 was not available at the time of press. Acer

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