+1st Model [Pocket PC phone]
HTC Universal

+2nd Model
HTC Prodigy [Pocket PC phone]

+3rd Model
HTC Tornado Noble & Tempo [MS Smartphone]
- same specs but different design

+4th Model
HTC Athena (ATOM) [Pocket PC phone]

+5th Model
HTC Hermes [Pocket PC phone]
- should be 1st half of 2006
- like HTC Wizard with slide QWERTY Keyboard
- Size also about the same
- video call camera on the top right corner of the screen.
- it s 3G (UMTS)
- Wi-Fi, IR & Bluetooth
- 2.1 Mpixels Camera (Behind)

+6th Model
HTC StarTrek [MS Smartphone]
- Not much mention on the Roadmap chart
- RAZR design
- Looks like Motoroala V3
- Smartphone 5.0