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    Nov 2015
    Bài viết

    Hội chợ CeBIT Hannover 2006 một vài hình ảnh

    Trước tiên là mấy con main dùng chipset mới của intel nè :beerdi:

    The new MSI P965 Neo is based on the new Intel P965 Express chipset. With support for dual channel DDR2-800 memory and FSB up to 1066MHz, the board looks set to support the next generation of Intel ‘Conroe’ processors.

    This micro-ATX board is based on the new Intel business platform chipset known as the Intel Q965 Express. With built-in remote management capabilities, the MSI Q965M will also support future Conroe processors.

    Thằng nì dùng chip P4M nè :do:
    The MSI 945GT Speedstre-A4R is based on the Intel 945GT Express chipset and it supports Intel's Pentium M and Celeron M processors. This server class micro-ATX board has two Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, one PCIe x4 slot, one PCIe x16 slot, one IEEE 1394 port and two DDR2-667 memory slots supporting dual-channel mode.

    Còn đây là con VGA dual code X1600XT
    GECUBE launched the world’s first dual VPU graphics card at CeBIT with the new GC-DU16XTDG3-E2. This rather small card comes with two Radeon X1600XT VPUs and is configured in CrossFire mode. You need not use a CrossFire capable motherboard since it only requires a single PCIe x16 graphics interface. With CrossFire enabled, gamers can enjoy better framerates and with CrossFire disabled, you can hook the card to four displays – giving you a wider view of your virtual desktop.

    Cặp Ram khủng bố cho dân OC nè :kinhdi:
    Corsair demonstrated their latest PC2-8500 memory which comes at a blazing clock speed of 1066MHz. These new TWIN2X1024-8500 modules will be available right after CeBIT.

    Cặp này nhìn đẹp wá :votay:
    For current AMD users, Corsair launched their 2GB kits with the new TWINX2048-4400PRO modules. Rated at 550MHz, these DDR1 modules now come at a capacity of 1GB each.

    Con Tivi LCD to tổ bố thằng ăn mày :lay: 82 inch
    Samsung currently holds the record for the world's largest LCD TV with LED backlighting. Measuring 82-inches, the picture quality was simply breathtaking.

    Nhưng chẳng bằng con này :kinhdi:
    No, it's no longer Samsung although they were the first to introduce the world's first 102-inch plasma TV.

    ổ ghi Blu-ray của LG :votay:
    LG's internal Blu-ray writer for the PC will also support writing to DVDs and CDs.
    Còn đây là đĩa của nó nè:lele:

    Main MSI dùng Socket M2 dành cho AMD nè, dùng DDR2 luôn :votay:
    The new MSI K9N Platinum is based very much on the success of MSI’s previous K8N Platinum. Supporting SLI graphics, this new entry is now equipped with DDR2 support through AMD's upcoming Socket M2 processors.

    Con này dùng chiset của ATI
    Information about this new Socket M2 micro-ATX board (K9AGM) is rather limited but we do know it's an integrated graphics solution based on an ATI chipset. It comes with a very standard set of features which you could easily tell from the picture.

    Con này dùng chipset của Nvida
    you can expect a similar solution based on an NVIDIA integrated chipset such as this MSI K9NGM.

    Đây là Socket M2 cho AMD

    Trên đây là một vài hình ảnh của hội chợ Cebit 2006 tại Đức. anh em muốn xem chi tiết thêm thì vào đây nhá:

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    Feb 2016
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    Tiếp nữa nè, nhìn phê lòi con mắt

    main Abit dùng chipset 965
    The AB8 is essentially similar to the AB8 Pro except that it only has six SATA 3G ports and one PCIe Gigabit Ethernet LAN port. It is also based on the upcoming Intel P965 Express chipset.

    Con này nữa nè, sao mà khiếp quá :lay:
    The ABIT Fatal1ty AN9 32X is based on the NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP which supports the upcoming AMD Socket M2 processors. It has two PCIe x16 slots for SLI, two PCIe x1 slots, one PCI slot, one AudioMAX slot, six SATA 3G RAID ports, two IEEE 1394 ports and two integrated Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. Similar to most of ABIT's high-end motherboards, it also incorporates their Silent OTES technology.

    Socket M2 của Abit
    ABIT demonstrated a working version of the KN9 SLI motherboard using the latest AMD Socket M2 processor.

    nhìn con tản nhiệt của Gigabyte này khiếp qué. lắp vào case có đc không mấy bro:lay:
    The new Gigabyte 3D Rocket II now features four heatpipes, a large 92mm fan and low noise operation of only 30dBA. It’s built to support LGA775, Socket-478, Socket-939/754 and the new Socket M2 processors. For case modders, they would be pleased to learn that the cooler features interchangeable UV sensitive rings which gives them four types of colors, namely blue, green, white and orange.

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    Aug 2015
    Bài viết
    Biết cách up ảnh roài, tiếp tục cho bà con chiêm ngưỡng

    Đây là những cái tản nhiệt khủng bố của CoolMaster

    The Hyper Drift cooler features up to six heatpipes (three on each side) and a large 100mm fan. Using a variable fan speed controller, you can adjust the fan speed between 800 to 2800 RPM. The Hyper Drift supports both Socket 939 (or Socket 754) and LGA775 processors.

    Và thằng này nữa :somot:
    This gigantic cooler known only as the RR-CCH-ANNUI-GP has six heatpipes fanned out to two large 120mm fans for maximum cooling efficiency.

    Tiếp vài con ram Khủng của OCZ con này là 8500
    For the overclockers, here is OCZ's PC2-8500 Gold XTC 512MB memory module running at 1066MHz.

    OCZ 8800
    If 1066MHz isn't enough for you, then the PC2-8800 Platinum Extreme Edition 1100MHz DDR2 module might just satisfy your hunger for speed. It's available at capacities at 512MB and 1GB.

    Còn đây là tản nhiệt của ASUS nè

    ASUS makes coolers too and the new Silent Knight promises even better cooling with low noise output. This full copper cooler which weighs only 595g features six heat pipes and a 2800RPM fan. :bun:

    Another cooler made for gaming enthusiasts is the Silent Square Pro. Also with six heat pipes and a 2800RPM fan, this cooler comes with a drive bay for fan speed control. :kinhdi:

    Các bác cho em hỏi con card này là gì thế??? :lacmong:
    Here's a closer look at the new Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Soundcard. Watch out for our review coming to you real soon!

    USB của Kingmax dùng làm khuyên tai nè, nhìn da dẻ em này thèm quá :them:
    The Kingmax Super Stick is a tiny USB 2.0 drive that weighs less than 5g. It can be worn like an earring or attached to your keyring, but what's important is that it carries with it up to 2GB of storage.

    Và bây giờ là main của ASUS nè bà con ơi. Chipset Nvidia MCP55 support AMD socket M2

    Đầu tiên là thằng này :do:
    The new ASUS M2N is based on the NVIDIA MCP55S chipset and it will support the new AMD Socket M2 processors. It comes with SATA 3G RAID, Gigabit Ethernet LAN and high definition on-board audio.

    Tiếp theo đến thằng này khủng hơn 1 chút :sun:
    For those who want an SLI solution, the M2N-SLI Deluxe is based on the NVIDIA MCP55P chipset which supports two graphics cards in an SLI configuration at half the bandwidth (x8). The board comes with SATA 3G RAID, IEEE 1394a, Gigabit Ethernet LAN and eight-channel high definition audio.

    thằng này nữa :kinhdi:
    For something a little bit more powerful, ASUS offers the M2N32-SLI Deluxe which is based on the NVIDIA C51D and MCP55P chipset. It has two PCIe x16 slots for SLI graphics and it also features SATA 3G RAID, dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN, IEEE 1394a and eight-channel high definition audio.

    Lại tiếp nữa nè :lacdau:
    For the ultimate in dual graphics support, the new ASUS M2N32-WS Professional is based on the NVIDIA C51XE and MCP55PXE chipset. Supporting the next generation of AMD Socket M2 processors, the board comes with two full bandwidth PCIe x16 graphics slots, nine SATA 3G RAID ports, dual Gigabit LAN, two PCI-X slots and eight channel on-board high definition audio.

    thằng này thì ko biết thế nào vì dùng chipset ATI với cả ULI nữa. :xicawe:
    If you don't like SLI, then ASUS offers a CrossFire solution with the new M2R32-MVP Deluxe. Based on the new ATI CrossFire Xpress 3200 with the ULi M1575, this board comes with two full bandwidth PCIe x16 graphics slots as well as SATA 3G RAID, dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN, IEEE 1394a and eight-channel high definition audio.

    Và cuối cùng là main support cho CPU Intel :leuleu:
    The ASUS P5B Deluxe is based on the upcoming Intel P965 chipset supporting the soon to be introduced Conroe family of processors. The board comes with SATA 3G RAID, dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN, IEEE 1394a and eight-channel high definition audio.

    Phù mệt wá :capcuu:

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    Aug 2015
    Bài viết
    Nhìn hệ thống ổ Cứng này vãi linh hồn :lay:

    A broader view of the SuperTrak EX16350 supporting an array of 16 hard disk drives

    3 con main của DFI toàn cho AMD nè :votay:

    Con đầu tiên dùng chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6150
    The C51PV-AM2 Infinity is DFI's new Socket M2 motherboard based on the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 chipset. The board comes with integrated graphics with both D-sub and DVI ports, one Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, four SATA 3G ports, IEEE 1394a ports and eight-channel high definition audio.

    Con thứ 2
    The new DFI LP UT MCP55-D2R is a gamer's board designed for SLI graphics. Based on the NVIDIA C51D and MCP55P chipset, the board offers support for the new Socket M2 processors and two PCIe x16 graphics slots. The board uses 100% Japanese capacitors for the best in reliability as well as featuring DFI's unique Karajan eight-channel audio. The board comes with eight SATA 3G RAID ports, dual Gigabit LAN ports and IEEE 1394a support.

    Và con cuối cùng support ATI CrossFire nhé :votay:
    For ATI CrossFire fans, DFI has the LP UT CFX3200-DR board based on the new ATI CrossFire Xpress 3200 paired with the ULi M1575. The board offers two PCIe x16 graphics slots, dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, eight SATA ports, IEEE 1394a support and DFI’s eight-channel Karajan audio. However, this board is based on the Socket 939 platform.


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    Nov 2015
    Bài viết
    tiếp tục với case khủng bố của Thermaltake

    Hỗ trợ main kiểu BTX nhá:kiss:
    The new Thermaltake Aguila mid-sized tower case features 120mm front and rear intake exhaust fans as well as a total of 11 drive bays. There are five 5.25-inch external bays, two 3.5-inch external bays and four 3.5-inch internal bays. The casing is upgradeable to support BTX motherboards using an optional BTX upgrade kit

    Con này có tản nhiệt nước nè
    The Armor LCS is a super tower casing with built-in liquid cooling system which includes a CPU waterblock (for both Intel and AMD sockets), a radiator with two 120mm fans, a DC12V water pump and tank and transparent UV cables. The case comes with one 120mm rear exhaust fan and a 90mm top exhaust fan for cooling of other components within the casing. There are a total of 15 bays in the Armor LCS, with four 5.25-inch external bays, one 3.5-inch external bay and ten 3.5-inch internal hard disk drive bays.

    Con này cũng có tản nhiệt nước nữa
    The Kandalf LCS is similar to the Armor LCS since it too comes with its own liquid cooling system. With this super tower case, you'll get a CPU waterblock (supporting both AMD and Intel sockets), a large radiator with three 120mm fans, a DC12V water pump with tank and transparent UV tubes. The chassis comes with a 120mm and 90mm rear exhaust fans and a 90mm top exhaust fan. The Kandalf LCS comes with nine 5.25-inch external bays, two 3.5-inch external bays and six 3.5-inch internal bays

    Con này lại có cả cái LCD 7" nữa chứ và nó có thể lắp đc 2 cái main ạ :lay: :lay: :lay:
    The Thermaltake Mozart Tx is their latest monster chassis measuring 330mm x 330mm x 730mm. The casing comes with five 120mm front intake fans, five 120mm rear exhaust fans and one 80mm rear exhaust fan. The case supports two motherboards, with the primary portion supporting ATX, micro-ATX, BTX, micro-BTX, nano-BTX and pico-BTX boards. The secondary portion supports a mini-ITX board. The case comes with one 7-inch drive bay, five 5.25-inch external bays, one 3.5-inch external bay and six 3.5-inch internal bays. The 7-inch bay is made exclusively for the optional Thermaltake 7-inch LCD monitor.

    Con này thì sao hả mấy bro :lamlo:
    This is the primary portion of the casing which is on the left side. It supports larger motherboards

    con này và con ở trên hình như là 1 thì phải
    Over on the right side, you'll find a mini-ITX board which is its secondary portion.

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    Nov 2015
    Bài viết
    Và thêm 1 cái Case full size nữa cũng của Thermaltake
    New full tower cases from Thermaltake known as Eureka.

    Đây là tản nhiệt của Thermaltake nhé

    Con này trông nhỏ gọn quá nhỉ, ko biết tản nhiệt có hiệu quả với mấy anh OCer ko đây???
    The orb days are back with the new Thermaltake Blue Orb II. This extremely quiet cooler (rated at only 17dBA) supports both AMD and Intel sockets.

    Con này trông đẹp quá :them:
    The new Mini Typhoon supports processors with TDP of up to 130W and it features a full copper heatsink with six heat pipes. It comes with a 92mm fan that spins at 2200RPM and emitting only about 18dBA of noise. Hmm… and we thought typhoons were supposed to be noisy!

    Cái tản nhiệt nc này khủng quá :capcuu:
    The Tribe VX is also another external water-cooling radiator system but it comes with two 120mm fans on the radiator for enhanced cooling.

    nhưng vẫn ko bằng con này ạ :lay: :lay: :lay:
    The Orchestra external fanless water-cooling radiator.

    tản nhiệt nước cho VGA chạy SLI nè
    The Tide Water plus is built for water cooling of SLI or CrossFire systems as it comes with two VGA copper waterblocks.

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    Nov 2015
    Bài viết
    CPU tốc độ 5GHZ??????????

    đây là thật nhá, :beerdi:

    Fancy overclocking your Pentium 4 to beyond 5GHz? asetek shows how it is done using their VapoChill Lightspeed cooling.

    Chứng thực thêm nè, nó OC ác quá các bác ạ :kinhdi:
    Here's the CPU-Z and temperature readings of the Dream Machine 2006.

    Tản nhiệt nước mới chăng???
    Intel also has interests in cooling technology and we saw what could be a mass adopted water-cooling solution. The cooling block comes with an internal pump and it's connected directly to a radiator.

    Intel demonstrated their new water-cooling technology in an actual gaming machine.

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    Aug 2015
    Bài viết
    Ram khủng ADATA DDR2 900MHZ (mỗi thanh là 1GB ram)
    A-DATA's DDR2-900 1GB memory modules

    và ADATA DDR2 1000MHZ (mỗi thanh 1GB Ram)
    For the more extreme overclockers, A-DATA has 1GHz DDR2 memory modules too.

    Một số mẫu case Mod cho anh em chiêm ngưỡng

    Con này cũng bình thường :them:

    Con này cũng thế:votay:

    Con này trông lòe loẹt quá nhỉ

    Con này khủng à nha:sun:

    Con này thì ngon roài, nhưng ko biết nhà có chỗ để không???

    Và con này độc đáo quá, mấy Bro có thể mod giống thế này không? :somot:

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    Feb 2016
    Bài viết
    Hết roài, em chỉ làm đc đến thế thôi, các bác cho ý kiến nhé.
    Tất cả các hình ảnh trên đều đc em lấy trên
    Hì hì, dù sao thì mình cũng mượn ảnh của người ta, phải ghi rõ nguồn gốc chứ.

    Xem thêm 2 người đẹp MSI nè

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    Nov 2015
    Bài viết
    toàn đồ ngon ko à:them:thích nhất cái WC ở cuối,nhỏ gọn nhìn hay hay

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