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    Reverse Hyperthreading does not exist

    Reverse Hyperthreading chỉ là tin đồn nhảm thôi :lay:
    và trước Q2 2007 K8L chưa ready :sorry:

    Reverse Hyperthreading does not exist

    By Fuad Abazovic: Monday 10 July 2006, 11:34

    APOLOGIES to the fanbois, but I am about to kill some nice AMD dreams. Reverse Hyperthreading does not exist. It's one of the bigger loads of bluff and bluster cooked up in a long time.
    AMD doesn't have any such technology. It would like to have it but even the upcoming K8L quad core won't be able to present a dual or quad core as a single core to the Operating system.

    On the other hand AMD doesn’t not need such a marchitecture as the operating systems are getting used to a dual and later quad machines. It's just a dream that someone set afloat but AMD doesn't have such a marchitecture.

    However, AMD should weather the Conroe storm but it is about to lose the performance crown for a whole quarter at least. Its response, K8L won't be ready before Q2 2007. µ
    * Apologies, too, for calling HyperThreading HyperTransport earlier. Must've been HyperVentilating.

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    ặc ặc ! VẬy thì còn lâu user AMD mới có thể ngẩng mặt lên rùi !

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    AMD's K8L quad core on schedule

    For Q1 2007

    By Fuad Abazovic: Tuesday 11 July 2006, 12:29
    DESPITE news reported by our Taiwanese colleagues, our well informed sources confirms that AMD's quad core Athlon 64 X2 successor is on schedule. As we reported before, this CPU is slated for early 2007 and if all goes well we should be able to get it in early Q1 2007.

    There are no significant problems and obstacles with the design and the CPU won't be delayed till 2008. This is AMD's horse to run as the firm knows that it needs a lot more than K8 dual core to fight the upcoming Conroe. The new Intel desktop CPU is due to arrive in just thee days from now and is getting ready to win most of the benchmarks versus Athlon X2 5000+ and the FX62.

    AMD traditionally doesn’t tell everything to its motherboard partners and very few of them knew about the 4x4 platform before the last minute. I guess it is the same with the K8L quad core as AMD wants to catch Intel dozing and to take its crown back one more time.

    So the quad core is definitely due earlier before 2008, I can tell you that.

    Here is the Digitimes story. µ

    AMD vẫn có con đường riêng của mình ...

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    quad core thì intel thấy có review rồi nhìn còn amd thì chưa thấy,
    desktop mà chơi 2 socket 4x4 thì chắc mình hết chơi luôn :lay:

    theo benchmark của bên http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=103982&page=4 con quad core 6600 2.4ghz thì kết quả super PI = 4 con dothan 2.8ghz

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