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    Dec 2015
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    Sẽ có G8600 vào 17 tháng 4 (?!)

    NVIDIA is set to launch mainstream 8600GTS (G84-400) and 8600GT (G84-300) as well as 8500GT (G86-300) on 17th of April. GeForce 8600GTS and 8600GT will have 256MB GDDR3 memories onboard and sports 128-bit memory interface but no HDMI yet. GeForce 8600GTS is meant to replace 7950GT and 7900GS while 8600GT to replace 7600GT and 8500GT to replace 7600GS.

    8600GTS will be clocked at 700MHz core / 2GHz memory and comes with dual D-DVI, HDTV, HDCP but requires external power. 8600GTS will be priced between US$199-$249. Another mainstream model, the 8600GT will be clocked at 600MHz core / 1.4GHz memory and has 2 variants; one with HDCP (G84-300) and the other without (G84-305). This model doesn't requires an external power. 8600GT will be priced between US$149-$169.

    The last model meant for budget segment is actually a G84 core but downgraded to meet the value segment pricing structure. The 8500GT will be clocked at 450MHz core / 800MHz 256MB DDR2 memory and comes in 2 variants; one with HDCP (G86-300) and the other without HDCP (G86-305). 8500GT will be priced between US$79 to US$99. Towards end of April, we can expect NVIDIA to release GeForce 8300GS for the budget market to replace 7300 series.

    The NVIDIA 80nm G84 and G86 line-up will meet head on with ATi's DX10 65nm offerings where mainstream RV630 is slated to arrive in May and value RV610 is slated to arrive earlier in April.
    Nhớ là có dấu "?!" nhá ,có nghĩa là người viết cũng ko dám chắc lắm

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    Nov 2015
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    Điểm bench 3DMark06 của Geforce 8600 khoảng 4500 điểm, ko biết là điểm của phiên bản nào đây

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