Although Blu-ray and HD DVD look set to battle it out for high definition sales, DVD still has some life left in it as New Media Enterprises (NME) has developed a disk capable of holding 20GB of data. This new version of DVD continues to use red lasers to read data, and is known as Versatile Multilayer Disk (VMD), with 5GB of data being stored on each layer. It is exactly the same thickness as DVD, but by using a “modified 2P process” NME has managed to produce disks with more than two layers on a single side, with production costs comparable to standard DVDs. Although the only VMDs at the moment are 4 layer, NME is already planning versions as large as 48GB, and believes the technology will be capable of reaching the 200GB barrier. NME has already managed to sign deals in 12 regions around the globe, and is planning to give consumers a third (less expensive) option in the HD market.
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