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    Aug 2015
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    Windows SideShow devices

    Now we can see live pics of Windows SideShow prototypes posted in the Internet. According to the source the price will start from $80 for a small device with the touchscreen display and from $150 for a product with a sliding QWERTY-keyboard.

    Windows SideShow devices combine functions of a PDA, a smartphones and a media player, they support wireless communication with desktop PC powered by Windows Vista. Due to Bluetooth-interface they can run synchronization of e-mail, contacts, RSS-feed and other data. They are capable of downloading music, games and so on.

    Reportedly, Microsoft expects to create a new market for inexpensive Windows SideShow devices. Besides Windows Mobile OS is said to get the support of SideShow-devices

    mua cái này về liệu có hợp lý ko vậy

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    Aug 2015
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    ko bít để làm gì, có khi nó rớt 1 cái là toi...

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