Quick Memory Editor is a powerful game cheating tool that can modify game data in memory easily. It doesn't require any advanced knowledge in windows or any programming experience. With Quick Memory Editor, you can search for any value in your game and change or lock it to the value you want to. Advanced users can also search for dim data such as blood in game King of Fights.

Feature List:

- Search and edit any value in your games

- Search for dim data such as blood in game King of Fights

- Memory Hex Editor

- Full support Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003

- User-friendly interface

Last Updates:

Faster address search

- New Memory Hex Editor

- Some small improvements

- Fixed access violaion at address error

- Fixed new task icon error

- New fast search mode. Optimize arithmetic for old PC.

- Added support for searching for dim data.

- Registration bug fixed

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