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    CyberLink PowerDVD 8.0.2521 (Update Patch)

    PowerDVD is the latest evolution of the world acclaimed DVD software program that offers maximum video and audio playback entertainment on the PC. It comes complete with numerous customizable video/audio controls that can deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience. PowerDVD incorporates support for high-definition audio and video, true 8-channel home theater audio playback, virtual surround sound, as well as complete controls and extra features for DVD enthusiasts.

    CyberLink enriches the high-definition movie experience with brand new PowerDVD 8, featuring support for interactive Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD features, home theater audio formats, and video file formats. New features let users extend the movie experience by building a database of movie info and trivia, writing movie reviews, rating their favorite movies, and creating movie remixes. A newly released web site dedicated to PowerDVD users allows the meeting and making of friends, and the sharing of movie information that can be synchronized with a user's own version of PowerDVD.

    No. 1 DVD Experience on the PC now delivers New Dimensions in Movie Entertainment
    * Indulge in the extreme quality of high-definition movies
    * Explore high-definition Blu-ray Disc movies
    * Remix your movies: create new stories to watch and share
    * Build your own movie collection; write personal reviews
    * Share a love of movies with new friends on MoovieLive.com

    Enjoy High-Definition Movies
    PowerDVD delivers award-winning playback quality for movies on the PC.
    * High-definition movie content - The best video quality out there, with support for video formats like AVCHD and Blu-ray Discs.
    * Advanced video technologies - See the beauty in each shot of every scene with TrueTheater™ Technology.
    * Home theater audio - Enjoy movies on the PC as if you are right at the cinema, with support for Dolby, DTS, and other home theater technologies.
    * Smart DVD utilities - Save battery power on your notebook (See-it-All), move language subtitles (Read-it-Clearly), and auto loop a section of dialog (Say-it-Again), with PowerDVD's award winning DVD controls.

    Remix Your DVD Movies
    PowerDVD lets you create new stories based on existing movies, or simply express your creativity and opinions in unconventional ways.
    * Movie Remix - Put your own touches to a movie by re-ordering scenes, adding subtitles, inserting animated PiPs, and recording a voice-over.
    * Watch other people's remixes - Download remixes from MoovieLive and see what other people have created.
    * Share your remixes online - Upload your remixes to MoovieLive and let others share in your unique vision.

    Collect Movie Information
    PowerDVD helps you build a library of movie facts and figures, combining personal notes and disc information. Sync your movie collection to your MoovieLive account.
    * Your movie collection - Create a collection of movies, and keep a record of your viewing experience. Gather data and trivia about the DVDs you watch.
    * Reviews & ratings - Write reviews about the movies you've seen. Give a quick 5-star rating and compare that with what others like through the global rating.
    * Quick movie stats - Quickly check how many PowerDVD users enjoy the same movies as you. PowerDVD lets you see the number of viewers, remixes made, reviews written, and DVD owners.

    Connect via MoovieLive
    PowerDVD gets you connected with other users via MoovieLive.com. You can see global ratings for the movies you watch, access information about the movies other people are watching too.
    * Upload & download remixes - Download remixes to see different takes on a movie. Upload your own remixes to share with other PowerDVD users.
    * Make friends - Find other people who are interested in the films you like, then get connected.
    * Publish your thoughts - After writing a review of a movie, why not share your review with other PowerDVD users? MoovieLive lets you upload your review, and adds your ratings to the community's global rating.
    * See what others have to say - Read reviews from other PowerDVD users and browse MoovieLive's database for tons of details about the movies you love (and loathe!).

    CyberLink PowerDVD 8 offers complete multi-channel (4/6/7/8), S/PDIF and HDMI sound device support, including (but not limited to) devices from Analog Devices, Aureal, Creative, Cirrus/Crystal, CMedia, ESS, Fortemedia, KCTech, Philips/VLSI, Realtek, IDT, SiS, TI, Yamaha, VIA, and any other sound device that supports the Microsoft WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE interface.

    CyberLink PowerDVD 8 supports Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) in display chips or integrated chipsets from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, SiS, and VIA/S3. Acceleration functions include Entropy Decode, Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform, Hardware Motion Compensation and Subpicture Alpha Blending units.

    CyberLink PowerDVD 8 is fully optimized for multimedia instruction sets, such as AMD 3D Now! Professional, Enhanced 3D Now!, 3DNow!, Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 2/3/4 (SSE/2/3/4), MMX, the Hyper-Threading technology, dual-core and quar-core CPU supported.

    CyberLink PowerDVD 8 is compatible with new DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+RW, DVD-Multi, DVD-Dual, DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drives, BD-ROM drives with IEEE 1394, USB 2.0, ATAPI, SCSI or CardBus interface, as long as the drive conforms to the SFF8090 command set and SBP-2 (if applicable).

    CyberLink PowerDVD 8 is compatible with all Centrino, Socket 478, Socket 423, Socket 370, Slot 1, Socket A and Slot A chipsets from Intel, VIA, SiS, ALi, NVIDIA, and AMD. The features for hardware deinterlace and "Read it clearly" may need updated drivers to support them. If you find problems when using these features, please update your drivers to latest version and then try again.

    CyberLink PowerDVD 8 is capable of high-definition audio decoding. However, due to the industries lack of common secure audio path technology, all protected audio content (eg. DVD-Audio, Blu-ray Disc) will force audio to be down-sampled to 48Khz/16bit output resolution. This constraint will be removed once an approved secure audio path is deployed for the PC ecosystem.

    What's New in CyberLink PowerDVD 8:
    * New! - Dolby Digital Plus*
    * New! - Dolby TrueHD*
    * New! - DTS-HD*
    * DTS-ES*
    * DTS Neo:6 (Discrete, Matrix)*
    * DTS 96/24**
    * AAC 5.1 Channel support**
    * DTS**
    * Dolby Digital 5.1
    * Dolby Digital EX**
    * Dolby Pro Logic IIx**
    * Dolby Headphone**
    * Dolby Virtual Speaker**
    * TrueTheater™ - Surround (Multi-channel Environment Impression Mode)
    * TrueTheater™ - Surround (Virtual Speaker Mode)
    * TrueTheater™ - Surround (Headphone Mode)
    * MLP lossless**
    * SRS TruSurroundXT**
    * Pitch scaling technology
    * Audio equalizer presets
    * Audio visualizations
    * Direct 96/24 output
    * MP3, WAV

    * New! - SMPTE VC-1 High-Definition Video*
    * MPEG4 AVC (H.264) High-Definition Video**
    * TrueTheater™ - Lighting (Adaptive lighting for video quality enhancement)
    * TrueTheater™ - Stretch (Non-linear stretch technology)
    * Video smart de-interlacing

    Playback Formats
    * New! - BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc) playback*
    * New! - BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc) playback*
    * VCPS for DVD+VR with content protection
    * CPRM for DVD-VR with content protection**
    * DVD-Audio**
    * External subtitles
    * DVD files (DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD+VR) from any folder in your hard drive

    Advanced Features
    * New! - Movie Collection Support
    * New! - Movie Remix
    * New! - Integration with MoovieLive Service
    * UPnP Support - Access your media from a Home Network**
    * Say-It-Again - Automatically repeats the last movie scene
    * See-It-All - Automatically speeds playback to show as much of the movie as possible
    * Read-It-Clearly - Moves subtitles from the viewing screen

    * - Available in Ultra Edition (Blu-ray Disc) only
    ** - Available in Deluxe version and Ultra Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

    Homepage -


    Size: 116 MB


    Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra v8.0.2521 RETAIL(register to your name)
    Picture Proof:

    Update Patch Ultra 8.0.2521(install over the previous ULTRA version)


    Program Ultra 8.0.2521 RETAIL (Ultra 8.0 + Patch 2521 + Keygen or Valid Serial)


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    có cần key or ***** ko bác?

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    Trích dẫn Gửi bởi navasious
    có cần key or ***** ko bác?
    có sẵn trong đó luôn

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    thanks bro

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    cám ơn nhiều

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