NVIDIA Corp. is confident it can stay independent despite the recent takeover of its main rival, and it sees big growth opportunities in areas such as mobile, where it expects to double the sales. NVIDIA has been the target of merger speculation since Advanced Micro Devices Inc., announced it would buy Canadian graphics chip maker ATI Technologies Inc. for $5.6 billion. Some analysts have suggested NVIDIA could end up being bought by Intel Corp., or at least being forced to strike some sort of in-depth partnership like a licensing deal. Mike Hara, Nvidia's vice president of investor relations, reiterated his company's determination to stay independent. "It reinforces our philosophy that we don't want to be tied up," Hara told Reuters when asked about the ATI deal. "I don't think anything changes. In fact, what we've already felt and seen I think gives us the energy to push faster. While AMD and ATI figure out what their future looks like, we know what ours looks like," Hara also said.
Như vậy Nvidia sẽ đi con đường riêng của họ,phó chủ tịch Nvidia khi được hỏi về việc thống nhất của AMD-ATI ông phát biểu rằng :"Tôi nghĩ rằng không có gì thay đổi.Thực tế,từ những cái chúng tôi đã kết lại và đã thấy sẽ cho chúng tôi nghị lực tiến xa hơn"