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    Aug 2015
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    Thiết bị mới từ Asus_-_Asus Telesky

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc., today announced that the ASUS TeleSky telecom adaptor will now be included in the package of the M2N/TeleSky and P5B/TeleSky motherboards. The TeleSky telecom adaptor converts ordinary house phones into multi-functional Skype phones. It is a highly integrated application for traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and Skype VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls. You can now have it with two ASUS motherboards, the M2N/TeleSky and the P5B/TeleSky. Purchase either one now to receive 60 SkypeOut minutes as well. This offer will only be available for a limited time and quantity.
    Telesky adaptor dùng để chuyển đổi phone điện thoại nhà bình thường trở thành phone nhiều chức năng của Skype.


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    Dec 2015
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    tiện ghê ha ^^'
    dạo này Asus ăn sang nhiều lĩnh vực wó

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