In order to making its product to award Windows Vista Premium, SiS plans to release Mirage 3+ IGP at a higher core speed. Mirage 3+ IGP will be adopted in SiS IGP 672/672FX, which are compatible with 671/671FX. However, SiS has no plan to introduce Mirage 3+ for AMD platform. We have to wait until Mirage 4 is released for SiS’s AMD IGP chipset which has Vista Premium award.

Besides, SiS updated the roadmap of Mirage 4 IGP recently. Mirage 4 IGP will be adopted in 673/673FX for Intel and SiS772 for AMD platform. It would be the first Direct X10 supported IGP for SiS. This upgrade also include Shader Model 4.0 and WDDM 2.x, at the same time H.264、VC-1 and WMV9 hardware decoding abilities are added.

The first Mirage 4 IGP will be adopted in 673, featuring 1066MHz FSB, and Dual Channel DDR2-800/DDR3-1066. The final sample is going to ship to main board manufacturing in June and put into production in Q3. SiS 673FX, 673’s sibling, is only different in 1333MHz FSB and Dual Channel DDR2-1066/DDR3-1333 support. It will be shipped in Q4. SiS 772 for AMD platform will also be shipped in Q4. Besides Mirage 4, the version of Hyper-Transport is upgraded to ver. 3.0, making it ready for AMD AM2+ processor.
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Để có được Windows Vista Premium Award, SiS sẽ cho ra mắt Mirage 3+ IGP. Mirage 3+ IGP bao gồm SiS 672 và SiS672FX cho Intel platform, và chưa có Mirage 3+ cho AMD platform.
Bên cạnh Mirage 3+, SiS cũng sẽ ra mắt Mirage 4 IGP hỗ trợ DX10. SiS 673 và SiS 673FX cho hệ thống Intel, SiS 772 cho hệ thống AMD.

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