A day after news about ATI's Lasso mobile-GPU technology, DailyTech has published an article highlighting more details about ASUS' XG Station.

The XG Station should be available to OEM and channel partners from next month. What is perhaps most interesting is the way that ASUS plans to sell these devices - they will not be purchasable separately, but will come bundled with the company's PCIe graphics cards. Pricing on XG Stations will vary depending on the bundled graphics card. There is no word on which graphics cards will be compatible and which won't - though squeezing in a 8800 GTX might be asking for a little too much.

In addition to the enhanced video capabilities, the XG Station features audio output capabilities. There is a single headphone output jack on the XG Station - unfortunately, there is no 5.1 output support. However, the XG Station supports Dolby Headphone technology for simulated six-channel surround sound audio.

Audio and video capabilities aside, ASUS equips the XG Station with a large LED display to monitor vital system information. The LED display shows the following information:

  • <LI nd="21">System master volume <LI nd="22">GPU clock speed <LI nd="23">Current GPU temperature <LI nd="24">Dolby® Headphone feature status <LI nd="25">Current actual Frames Per Second (FPS) information
  • GPU fan speed Indicator
A control knob allows users easy overclocking controls too. Overclocking functionality of the control knob is limited to GPU core clock only though.
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